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Criminal Division Docket Revisions

14 May 2020 5:15 PM | Lillian Diallo (Administrator)

Hi Everyone:

Beginning Monday, May 18 there will be two rotations:  

1) Matters that Judges schedule on their own, including out of custody matters, and in custody matters where the defendant’s presence isn’t required;

2) “Emergency Rotation” schedule that includes matters where the defendant's presence is necessary and is coordinated by Administration. 

Apologies for any inconvenience in scheduling that this change may cause. Please be patient during the transition period as this new docket is phased in.   

Below is the schedule for out of custody matters and in custody matters where the defendants presence isn't necessary, and being waived.  Defense Attorneys are responsible for coordinating their out of custody clients appearance remotely. 


Morning (9a)





Judge B. Hathaway (401)

Judge Evans (403)



Judge Chylinski (G2)

Judge Morrow (404)




Judge Knapp (501)

Judge Van Houten (504)



Judge Lillard (502)

Judge Cusick (402)




Judge Edwards (601)

Judge Talon (602)

Judge Bill (303)



Judge Green (604)

Judge Boykin (603)

Judge T. Hathaway (304)




Judge R. Thomas (701)

Judge Walker (703)



Judge Slavens (702)

Judge Ramsey (704)




Judge Williams (503)

Judge Bazzi (803)



Judge Hood (802)

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