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Wayne County Criminal Defense Bar Association

The Wayne County Criminal Defense Bar Association is comprised of "any member of the State Bar of Michigan, whose primary practice is criminal defense in the Criminal Division of the Third Judicial Circuit Court...upon payment of the annual dues to the Secretary"

Our system of justice cannot exist without lawyers who are willing to challenge the police, the prosecution and the courts themselves.

And we know that no lawyer can mount a vigorous defense of rights and liberties in a free society when the lawyer is hindered by unequal allocation of resources, inefficient use of technology and unfair application of the law.

Join our fine organization of dedicated criminal defense attorneys today!

Why Do We Need a Bar Association? 

We face challenges on all fronts. Funding for indigent criminal defense continues to be a topic of discussion across the state, and our interests as specialist lawyers in Michigan's most populour and high-volume county needs a voice.

Attorney compensation, fee schedules, and prompt payment continue to be issues that need to be vigilantly reviewed. There is a real need for organized advocacy on behalf of the members of the WCCDBA.

An organized and active defense bar in this court is essential for at least two reasons:

(1) An organized and active defense bar serves as an advocate for defense attorneys who play a vital and often underappreciated role in the administration of justice. Grievances against the court or judiciary should be brought by the representatives of the defense bar to ensure the fair administration of justice.

(2) An organized and active defense bar serves as a conduit for the exchange of information between the defense bar and the prosecuting attorney. Cases are handled efficiently, promptly and fairly resulting in savings to the court and county.


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